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Mellon Summer Research Grant Recipients Announcement

We are pleased to announce the recipients of our Mellon Summer Research Grants. These faculty members will work with one or more students on DH research projects during the the summer of 2017. We are thrilled to have such an amazing group of newcomers and veterans and look forward to tracking their progess.

“The Lost Clew Archives at the Institute for Clew Studies: A Digital Research Facility" – Clover Archer, Director of the Staniar Gallery, and MC Greenleaf ’19

“Florence As It Was: the Digital Reconstruction of a Medieval City" – George Bent, The Sidney Gause Childress Professor of Art, Aidan Valente ’19, and Sam Joseph ’19

"The Evolving Language of Conscious Capitalism" – Drew Hess, Associate Professor of Business Administration, and Cassidy Fuller ’18

"The Social Context of Ethical Leadership" – Megan Hess, Assistant Professor of Accounting, and Alex Farley ’19

"Steinheil: Sex, Scandal and Politics in Belle Époque France" – Sarah Horowitz, Associate Professor of History, and Megan Doherty 19

Additionally, we are funding the summer research of the following students:

  • Nathan Brewer ’19 and Skylar Prichard ’19 – "Ancient Graffiti Project" (Benefiel)
  • Arlette Hernandez ’18 – "Quantifying Best American Comics" (Gavalar)

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