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Now Hiring! Mellon Digital Humanities Fellow

The Washington & Lee University Library seeks to fill a two-year grant-funded position to facilitate digital humanities teaching and research that promotes the Library’s role as a center of campus-wide academic engagement. As a member of a small organization, this position requires teamwork, collaboration, and self-motivation. The library is deeply engaged in the university’s digital humanities initiatives and is committed to developing and expanding its participation in scholarly communications, digital research methodologies, digital archives, discovery tools, data science, and other critical information services needed for teaching, learning, and research. The Mellon Fellow will participate in developing the digital humanities curriculum and in teaching digital humanities research methods.

We seek a fast learner with the aptitude and passion to thrive in the technologically complex learning and research environment that is the modern academic library. Successful candidates will enjoy the freedom to develop the position in a way that aligns with their own personal and professional interests while serving the core needs of both the library and the digital humanities curriculum. The position carries with it support for research time and funding for professional development.

For more information, see the complete job listing.

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