WordPress Static Webpage Instructions

1.     Log In

  • navigate to your site (http://yoursite.academic.wlu.edu)
  • select Log In under Meta menu on right sidebar
  • input username and password

2.     Creating a new Page

  • click Page on left menu
  • select Add New from submenu, or click Add New at top of page

3.     Editing an existing Page

  • click Page on left menu
  • hover over desired post title and click Edit when it appears underneath

4.     Creating Pages (steps listed on image below)
A.     add title text
B.     add content to post in Text Editor window
C.      use “upload/insert” button to add images, files
D.     select desired parent page (This will be your main page)
E.      specify page order of child pages within your website
F.      when finished, click “Publish” (new page) or “Update” (existing page)

5.     Adding pages to the menu (Administrators only)
A. click Appearance on left menu
B.     click on Menus
C.      under Pages, click checkboxes next to pages you want to add to  an existing menu (parent and child page structure should be preserved in this box)
D.     click “Add to Menu” button
E.      Rearrange pages in menu by dragging and dropping
F.      Indent child pages underneath parent pages to enable dropdown menu (dropdown menu becomes visible when main guidebook page is clicked)
G.     click “Save Menu” when changes are complete

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