WordPress Blog Post Instructions

1.     Log In

  • navigate to your site (http://yoursite.academic.wlu.edu)
  • select Log In under Meta menu on right sidebar
  • input username and password

2.     Creating a blog post

  • click Post on left menu
  • select Add New from submenu, or click Add New at top of page

3.     Editing an existing blog post

  • click Post on left menu
  • hover over desired post title and click Edit when it appears underneath

4.     Creating blog posts (steps listed on image below)
A.     add title text
B.     add content to post in Text Editor window
C.      use “upload/insert” button to add images, files
D.     create and select desired post category (general post categories)
E.      type any desired tags into Tags field (specific post categories)
F.      when finished, click “Publish” (new post) or “Update” (existing post)

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