Embedding Videos within Omeka

You can embed a video from the internet into an Omeka item by

  1. copying the iframe code; in YouTube, click Share and then Embed to view the code.
  2. in Omeka, choose the metadata field in which you want the embed to display
  1. check the Use HTML box below that field, which will pop open a text editor
  2. then click the HTML blue link at the top right corner of the text editor, which will pop up an HTML Source Editor box
  3. paste the iframe code into that source editor box
  4. save the item

You can embed a video into an Omeka exhibit page by

  1. adding a text block to the page
  2. following the same steps as above beginning with Step 3

If you do not have an embed code, but have a link you should paste it into the source editor box and then add the html markup manually to create the hyperlink functionality as seen in the example below.

<a href = “link”>Text you would like to display</a>

Then, in Settings at the top menu click on Security, scroll down to HTML Filtering and uncheck the Enable HTML Filtering box

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