Versatile Learning Classroom, M47 Leyburn Library

With no front or back to the classroom, the Versatile Learning Classroom has four tables around the perimeter and a podium on wheels for the professor. Tables have power, a computer display, and laptop/tablet connections. The professor can project onto single displays, all four table displays, or the main screen.  Students working at a table can send their display to the main screen.

One thought on “Versatile Learning Classroom, M47 Leyburn Library

  1. Helen I'Anson

    You might consider adding the 3D student-centered learning lab and the 2D visualization lab in the IQ Center to your learning space resources. They are ideal if faculty members would like to try out a module or two in an existing course before they propose a full-blown course in digital humanities. These spaces can be scheduled through Sharepoint right now. By next week, you will also be able to schedule through the IQ Center web-page. Also, you can talk to Dave Pfaff who is our IQ Center Coordinator – his office is in the IQ Center (2nd floor of Telford Library).

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