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Jen Boyle to speak on October 6 [rescheduled for October 8]

** UPDATE **
Due to inclement weather, Jen Boyle’s talk has been rescheduled for Thursday, October 8. Same time but the location has changed to the IQ Center.

In collaboration with the English Department, we’re pleased to announce the next event in our speaker series:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015
Hillel 101
Lunch provided. Please register. Bring a laptop!

The Untimely Potential of the Digital Humanities

Jen Boyle | website
Associate Professor of English and New Media
Director, Digital Culture and Design, Coastal Carolina University

An immersive interface that offers a virtual tour through the streets of seventeenth-century
France; a chat forum that allows protesters on the ground in Tunisia to transmit immediate
reports to a journalist in New York; a locative phone app that can generate a turn-of-the-century
image of the lobby of the Mandarin Hotel while you are moving through the space in real time.
What all of these examples have in common is their ability to skew and remediate temporal
experience through a digital or virtual environment. This talk explores the possibility that these
environments offer far more possibilities than simply startling encounters with the actual and the
virtual. How can alternative modalities of time and temporality allow us to see a more
challenging set of issues at play in these digital remediations of time? What do such alternative
frameworks tell us about digital bodily time, a timeframe now actively positioned between pastpresent-future?

The second half of the workshop will allow for some hands-on experimentation with accessible
digital tools.

This program is made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and a Dean of the College Cohort Grant. Co-sponsored by the English Department.

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