Incentive Grants

Two DH Incentive Grants Awarded

Congratulations to Christa Bowden and Genelle Gertz!  They are the latest recipients of W&L Digital Humanities Incentive Grants.  Professor Bowden’s students in her Spring Term Abroad class, ARTS 223 Photography and the City of Paris, will create their final project portfolios as e-books, which will be the first time in W&L’s photography program that a major course project has involved digital photographs rather than physical prints.  Each e-book will consist of a body of photographs based around a Paris-based concept or theme outside the realm of traditional tourist photography.  In her Winter 2015 course, ENGL 330 Gaming in Milton’s Paradise Lost,  Professor Gertz will use the Ivanhoe gaming platform, developed at UVA’s Scholars’ Lab, to afford her students a unique approach to this often analyzed work.

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