Incentive Grants Pedagogy

DH Pedagogy Incentive Grant Winners

The Digital Humanities Working Group was inspired by the number, variety, depth, and breadth of the submissions to the incentive grant proposals.  The group had a lively discussion about the relative merits and impact of all the proposals.  In the end, we chose the following awardees:

  • Hank Dobin, ENGL 292: Representing Queen Elizabeth
  • Sascha Goluboff, ANTH 290: Campus Sex in the Digital Age
  • Wan-Chuan Kao, ENGL 382: Hotel Orient
  • Howard Pickett, Poverty 102: Field Work in Poverty Studies

We look forwarding to hearing about the awardees’ and their students’ experiences in these courses.  The awardees will be presenting their DH course projects–challenges, successes, failures, and lessons learned–in a Fall 2014 Faculty Academy session.

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