Florence As It Was

Project Lead:

George Bent, Sidney Gause Childress Professor of Art and Art History


Miles Bent ’17
Sonia Brozak ’17
Sam Joseph ’19
Aidan Valente ’19
Katherine Dau ’19
Colby Gilley ’19
Dave Pfaff, IQ Center Coordinator
Mackenzie Brooks, Assistant Professor and Digital Humanities Librarian

Project URL: http://florenceasitwas.wlu.edu/

Project Description:

Florence As It Was is a digital reconstruction of the city that allows you to review, inspect, tour, and visit the streets, palaces, churches, shops, and offices that formed the fabric of one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. Here you will find images, people, payments, relationships, literary references, contemporary descriptions, and sometimes even music related to the individual structures that shaped a Florentine’s daily experience in 1492 – a year marked by monumental changes in the city and throughout Europe as a whole. See where one would go in order to see all the Florentine paintings by Giotto or Masaccio or Leonardo da Vinci, where Cosimo de’Medici spent much of his time, or where members of guilds and confraternities met. Visit the monastery ornamented by Fra Angelico, the sculpture courtyard filled with Donatello’s statues, or the neighborhood street Madonnas that people saw daily. Search for names, places, dates, and events, and see how links and connections can be made in unexpected ways.

Art on the Walls